Yes, Another Blog

Why start a blog?
With an abundance of blogs available for perusal, why start another one? Simple, because I have information to share AND I’m trying to learn this blogging platform. Whether the blog is read or not remains to be seen.

On the public pages, readers will find information and insights from my perspective. From kitchen successes and flops to bargain shopping and great deals to relationship and parenting lessons, my plan is to include it. After all, this is a chronicle of my adventures in marriage and family life.

Where did the name come from?
I guess I could have easily named the blog Dishes in the Sink, but how interesting would that be?

Whiskers in the Sink may seem like a strange name, but it is a meaningful one. Having come into marriage a little later in life (30-something), I was full of idealized ideas of what it would be like. It didn’t take long to realize that real life is the polar opposite of all those romantic comedies I had watched.

A constant reminder that my husband is no Mr. Darcy is the presence of whiskers in the sink. Though I don’t really care for those whiskers–especially after I have cleaned the sink yet one more time–I wouldn’t want Mr. Darcy. I have Mr. Honey. He is smart, full of character, and he is real. Sure, he has faults, but so do I. It is in trusting God, enjoying life, working through challenges, and building a family where we find hope, stability, and lasting love.


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