Taxing Times

April 15. The date marks tax day for Americans and is in no way a holiday people look forward to. Nobody I know likes taxes. It always seems like we are “paying” so much for so little in return. And the forms! Yuck, yuck, yuck.

I am feeling taxed today, not just because of contributions to state and federal coffers but also because I am tired. As a new mom, I can honestly say this is one of the most “taxing” jobs I’ve ever had. I don’t know where they find those perky, put-together moms for those baby products commercials. I certainly would not win the casting call, that’s for sure!

In my experience, albeit limited, being a mom is hard work. Obviously the lack of sleep is an issue, but there are other things that take a toll, too. I look and feel like a mess and the demands are nearly constant. My normal clothes don’t fit right yet and my maternity things don’t fit right anymore. I nearly always sport spots of spit up, and by evening I often reek of sour milk. And like Larry the Cucumber, I don’t seem to even find my hairbrush some days!

Though I am feeling taxed today, I can honestly say I don’t mind paying my dues. In fact, I wouldn’t trade being a mom for anything. Amidst the slobber and the stink are the smiles and snuggles. With the gooeyness comes the goo-goos. With the cacophony come the caresses. And with the exhaustion comes the exhilaration.

So on this April 15th, when my reserves are low from being so taxed, I am fulfilled and thankful for the little blessing that consumes my days and nights. One day too soon I am sure I will be missing these times, so I am choosing to treasure each blessed moment—even the messy, stinky, and sleepless ones.

NOTE: Thank goodness for my husband who provides relief in the evenings so I can get things done like washing dishes, folding clothes, and taking a shower! And hats off to the parents who find themselves raising a child, or children, alone. May God bless you with a double portion of energy and patience.


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  1. You’ve got one thing “right on” dear friend. Treasure each sleepless moment because one day this precious little one will become a person in her own right and grow right out of your home but never your heart!! My one precious memory of my dear “Bethie” is pushing her in the grocery cart at Food 4 Less. She was wearing green corduroy rompers and a matching print knit shirt that I had created. I stood there in the store and just stared at her preciousness and said to myself–capture this moment. It will not last. I’ve learned, though, that each age & stage of a child’s life will be challenging but always a learning experience. One of the greatest gifts God can give is the gift of Motherhood. I pray for each woman yearning for that special feeling of growing & loving a child to be blessed by God’s best gift. Thank you for sharing your story!

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