And So a New Week Begins

This past weekend passed in a whirlwind. We enjoyed a dinner party with Mr. Honey’s work team on Friday evening. It was Little Bear’s first true social outing, so we were concerned about how she would (or wouldn’t) behave. Turns out, we had nothing to be worried about. She was a happy little chatterbox who instantly bonded with the wife of Mark’s boss. They spent the bulk of the evening together touring the house, meeting everyone, cuddling, and carrying on long conversations. Thank you, JM, for entertaining our little girl!

When we left the dinner party, we headed to Iowa to spend the weekend with Mr. Honey’s parents. Again, our little one performed like a champ in church and at Grandpa and Grandma’s house. Except for a couple upsets, she was a happy little girl. She even showed off her new giggle!

Today, I am faced with the clean-up aspect of being gone: unpacking, doing laundry, reestablishing a routine… Plus, I have some freelance blogging to do and an invoice to submit so I can get paid for some contract writing projects. And I made strawberry granola this morning so we have cereal for this week.

I guess Mondays are always catch-up days for me. Tuesdays are better. Today I will get things checked off the to-do list; tomorrow my “normal” weekly routine will begin.

How do you start your weeks? What do your Mondays look like?


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