Merry Christmas!

  © 2014 Amy Meythaler

We wish you a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

As I write, the sun has set and Christmas 2014 is coming to a close. Too soon it will be time to take down the tree and pack the decorations. It is easy to store most everything away because we know we will use the tree, ornaments, garland, and lights in following years. But what to do with those Christmas cards?

I love receiving Christmas cards and Christmas letters. It is fun to hear about the happenings of the year and to see pictures of friends and loved ones. I’ve always had trouble, however, knowing what to do with the cards. Some I’ve kept, some I’ve recycled into gift tags, and some I’ve reluctantly tossed. Well, my status quo is about to change. I now know exactly what I will be doing with them thanks to this idea from StoneGable’s blog.

This year when the Christmas cards come down off the display, they will go into a basket. And every morning when Little Bear and I have breakfast and do our Bible reading/devotional, we will pick a card and pray for that family. So if you sent us a card, know that you will be in our hearts and in our thoughts throughout the coming year.

This was our little one’s first Christmas and what a Christmas it was. In addition to stories, and songs, and special foods, there were presents. Lots of presents, with most for Little Bear. (If presents were an indication of love, this girl would have a surplus!) Not only did she have a few gifts from Mommy and Daddy, but also from her Aunt Laurie’s family and her Aunt Tina’s family and her Uncle Gary’s family and both sets of her grandparents and our special friend Amy.

Thank you to all for your thoughtfulness. We really enjoyed opening presents and look forward to putting everything to good use. We have been truly blessed.


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