I’m a MOP?

As Little Bear has grown, it has become increasingly clear that I am not enough. It has been a harsh, yet refreshing, realization.

When I was looking forward the the birth of my sweet girl, I anticipated lots of cuddles and play times. I expected we would create artful masterpieces at the dining room table and delicious dishes in the kitchen. I looked forward to cuddling on the couch or beanbag devouring books.

Well, my little one had, and still has, different ideas. She is active nearly 24 hours a day. Even in her sleep she is on the move. She is a tornado on feet, and is always getting into something. For the most part, she does not enjoy “reading.” She would rather be hopping, and running, and kicking, and throwing. And when it comes to cooking, she is an aggressive stirrer, so much of whatever we are making ends up on the counter and/or floor.

Being with Little Bear is exhilarating and exhausting. And now that I have Little Chickadee (four-months old), I just can’t keep up. So when I came to the realization that I just could not meet her every need, I started looking for outlets where she could socialize with other kids and be encouraged to be active. That’s when I heard about MOPS (Mothers of Preschoolers).

MOPS meets twice a month and provides a social outlet for moms as well as their littles. It is a Christian organization and is usually a ministry of a local church. This spring, we signed up for MOPS at a neighborhood Lutheran church. It has been fun watching Little Bear blossom, and it has been a relief to have some time where I can think about something other than feeding, napping, or diapering.

I have realized I am not Super Mommy, not even close. but that’s okay. Not thrilled with being a MOP because it sounds like a cleaning tool. (Guess a MOP is better than a doormat!) I am, however, thankful for the chance to step out of the spotlight and let Little Bear focus her attentions elsewhere.


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  1. Linda 🐝🎢

    Oh. Those precious moments when our dreams of what motherhood will be turns on its heels and becomes the realities of who these little ones have been created to be. Thank you, Jesus, for always teaching us more about You! Keep looking up, Amy.

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