For many 20-somethings, climbing up the corporate ladder is the ultimate goal. They eagerly take the steps, spend the time, and sacrifice their personal lives in their pursuit of a bigger cubical or better title. I was no different. At 25 I was the director of marketing for a small publishing company and just four years later was the director of a busy communication department for a regional non-profit organization.

In my mid 30s, I began to realize how much I had allowed my job to take over my life and how much living I had missed out on. I decided to personalize the slogan, “Never confuse having a job with having a life.”

As part of my quest to find the work-life balance, I climbed down the corporate ladder and began providing communications solutions for the business and marketing needs of companies, schools, and individuals across the country—mostly on a freelance basis. Today, I continue to write SEO web page content, blogs, and articles for a variety of businesses directly and through marketing companies such as Green Glass House and Brandography. A few examples of my work include:

Web Page Content

Blogs, Newsletters, and/or Press Releases

Articles and Interviews

Social Media

If you are seeking a virtual assistant experienced in content creation and management, social media maintenance, or if you simply need a project writer, please contact me. I would be happy to discuss how we can partner together for success.

Amy Meythaler


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