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A Misnomer

Little Bear’s nickname was selected for a couple of reasons: 1. It sounds cute and cuddly just like she is now; 2. For her first few weeks, she had a roar that could wake the nations.

Next week Little Bear is four months old. I can’t believe it and have already shed many a tear knowing my baby is growing up so fast and changing even faster. How can it seem like she was just born yet my heart has known her forever?

Over the past couple of weeks, Little Bear has become cuddly. Previously she really didn’t like to be confined—whether by a blanket or by arms. Now, she likes to snuggle, and that does this mommy’s heart good.

Little Bear has also learned that she has feet. Her hands were her primary interest for a while. She would gaze at her hands and move her fingers for what seemed like hours. Now, she is constantly kicking her legs up so she can look at her feet. But that isn’t the best part. She makes this delighted sound nearly every time she sees her toes.

Another new thing she has discovered is her voice. She shrieks and squeals and makes all kinds of noises. Some days I wonder if I should have nicknamed her “Flipper” because she sounds just like a dolphin!

I keep trying to capture all of this fun and excitement on video, but am mostly unsuccessful. This Little Bear will clam up as soon as she sees the camera—just like her smiles fade when she sees Mommy with the DSLR again. And I don’t even use a flash!

So, more and more I find myself succumbing to her little siren songs. She draws me in and I can’t pull myself away. I am inebriated with love and sinking in the ocean of ecstasy when in her presence. And I’m trying to remember every second.

For those who found a way to balance communicating and cuddling with their little one(s) with doing laundry and dishes and vacuuming and meal prep and work and the million other things that must be done, please let me know how you did it.


Non-toxic Creamy Household Scrubby Cleanser

Here’s a confession: our tub gets gross and fast. You see, we have hard water which leaves this white mineral deposit all over. It also acts like a magnet for soap residue. It seems like in no time, you can write “wash me” on the tub wall. Yuck.

I have tried all kinds of chemically based cleaners which promise immediate and lasting results. They get the job done, but the results don’t last long. Plus, I have to breathe all those stinky products as I scrub, scrub, scrub.

One day, as I was browsing the Angel Baby Earth Mama website, I found a recipe for non-toxic scrubby cleanser. It uses Castile soap, baking soda, vinegar, and essential oils. When the Angel Baby shampoo/body wash I ordered arrived, I was eager to try out the scrub recipe.

This creamy cleanser is so simple to make and it smells delicious! I did use three drops of Tea Tree oil and three drops of orange essential oil. That combined with the orange-vanilla scent of the Earth Mama Castile soap is heavenly. Mmmmmm!

The true test came when I attacked that nasty white film stubbornly clinging to the sides of the bathtub. Using a bit of the cleanser and a plastic scrubber pad, I went at it. After I rinsed the tub and allowed it to dry, I found the natural cleanser worked just as well as those stinky, chemical-laden cleansers. Plus, it has been nearly a week and the white film has not yet begun to return. I would call that a success!

I’m keeping the remaining household scrub in a sealed container in the bathroom so I can scrub out the shower easily every week. And the surprising thing is I’m actually excited about it.


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Bargain Alert: Organic Castile Soap (EXPIRED)

UPDATE: This deal has expired but great products are still available. Check out Earth Mama Angel Baby for a full line of organic personal care items for all members of the family.



I love a good bargain! And when a good bargain is combined with a good product that I use, I love it even more!

Right now Earth Mama Angel Baby is selling liter refill bottles of its organic Castile soap for only $14.95 instead of $40. That is $25 off! The Angel Baby shampoo/body wash has a light, delicious scent that smells like a 50/50 bar. Yum! Though marketed as a product for baby, it can actually be used for any member of the family. It can also be used to make your own household and cleaning products. Recipes are available for: soft scrubby cleanser, diaper wipes, laundry detergent, and bug spray.

For our Little Bear, it was important to me and to Mr. Honey to use natural, non-toxic products as much as possible. We love this soap! It is scented with essential oils and gets nice and sudsy. It has no artificial fragrances, foaming agents, preservatives, sulfates, parabens, dyes, or triclosan antibacterials.

Apparently supplies of Angel Baby Shampoo & Body Wash are limited to what the company has on hand, so you might want to check it out quickly. This is a refill bottle, so you will need a self-foaming bottle/dispenser. Also, be sure to note that shipping is free for orders over $49. You are allowed to purchase up to three bottles. But to get over that $49 mark, I suggest adding a couple lip balms.


NOTE: I love Earth Mama Angel Baby products so much that I became an affiliate. That means I will receive compensation for any sale made through these links. Your prices are not impacted at all. Published prices on the company’s website are what customers pay. Any compensation I may receive comes directly from the company. Thank you for your support!