Finish Quantum Power & Free Dishwasher Tabs

As someone who likes to save money and time, I have found that it is most efficient to use a dishwasher to clean most of our dishes and utensils rather than wash them by hand. Plus, my germophobe tendencies are quieted with the knowledge that the heated water in a dishwasher also sanitizes everything.

Though some may disagree with my reasoning, I take comfort in knowing the ENERGY STAR people agree with me! According to, qualified dishwashers save time, money, energy and water. Washing dishes in a machine is better for the environment and definitely better for me!

It is funny that I had considered the personal and environmental impacts of using a dishwasher, but I never really thought about the detergent I was using. My usual habit was buying a super-sized container of Cascade Complete tabs or the Finish Powerball tabs—whichever was less expensive at Costco.

One day while I was taking a few minutes to peruse Facebook, I saw an offer to receive a complimentary sample of a new Finish tab called Quantum Power & Free. Not only do I like to receive free stuff, I also like to try new things. I was definitely game. But when I read about Finish Quantum Power & Free, I was totally sold on trying it.

According to, the Power & Free tabs have fewer harsh chemicals, chlorine, and fragrances and dyes. Further, it utilizes hydrogen peroxide to give dishes a thorough cleaning.

I’m very careful with the cleaning and personal care products I use in our household. Why have I never thought about my dishwashing tabs in the same light?

The sample arrived within a couple weeks of my request. It had two full-sized tabs to allow for two loads of dishes. I washed full loads of dishes and utensils with better-than-satisfactory results. Everything was squeaky clean and unspotted—a real win for a house with hard water.

Finish Quantum Power & Free is impressive on so many levels and is a product I would definitely use again. Hopefully I can find and stack some coupons on sale prices; or, better yet, maybe my local Costco will carry it!




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