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Non-toxic Creamy Household Scrubby Cleanser

Here’s a confession: our tub gets gross and fast. You see, we have hard water which leaves this white mineral deposit all over. It also acts like a magnet for soap residue. It seems like in no time, you can write “wash me” on the tub wall. Yuck.

I have tried all kinds of chemically based cleaners which promise immediate and lasting results. They get the job done, but the results don’t last long. Plus, I have to breathe all those stinky products as I scrub, scrub, scrub.

One day, as I was browsing the Angel Baby Earth Mama website, I found a recipe for non-toxic scrubby cleanser. It uses Castile soap, baking soda, vinegar, and essential oils. When the Angel Baby shampoo/body wash I ordered arrived, I was eager to try out the scrub recipe.

This creamy cleanser is so simple to make and it smells delicious! I did use three drops of Tea Tree oil and three drops of orange essential oil. That combined with the orange-vanilla scent of the Earth Mama Castile soap is heavenly. Mmmmmm!

The true test came when I attacked that nasty white film stubbornly clinging to the sides of the bathtub. Using a bit of the cleanser and a plastic scrubber pad, I went at it. After I rinsed the tub and allowed it to dry, I found the natural cleanser worked just as well as those stinky, chemical-laden cleansers. Plus, it has been nearly a week and the white film has not yet begun to return. I would call that a success!

I’m keeping the remaining household scrub in a sealed container in the bathroom so I can scrub out the shower easily every week. And the surprising thing is I’m actually excited about it.


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