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Making Money on Facebook

It was pretty simple, actually. Mr. Honey’s coworker emailed a deal to him, and he forwarded it to me. It was one of those daily deals sites like Groupon, and the offer was for a pizza dinner (large pizza, bread sticks, soda) for only $5.50. Mr. Honey loves pizza and I love a good deal, so we made the purchase.

As I was finalizing our Daily Deals pizza coupon purchase, I noticed a box up in the corner of the webpage indicating the opportunity to earn $10 for referring friends. I thought about what a great deal it was and then thought that maybe some people in the Facebook moms group that I am part of would be interested.

Frankly, I had a couple concerns about posting the offer. I’m sure many of us have friends who are constantly hosting those home parties for candles, purses, jewelry, and the like. It seems the online equivalent are those “friends” who are regularly posting deals and shopping opportunities. In my opinion, that can be as annoying as being bombarded by their new highest scores on the latest game craze. I did not want to be perceived as one of those. I also didn’t want to be kicked out of the moms group for violating posting rules.

After checking the rules, I decided to give it a go. I got the referral code and posted the link once with a message that I thought it was a good deal and didn’t know if anyone else might be interested. In less than a day I was notified that two people had purchased the offer through my link! I now have $20 of credit to use at some point on another great deal.

I’m excited about “earning” some extra money, and I gain some satisfaction knowing that I helped at least a couple of others get a good deal. From now on, I may judiciously share a deal or two, but it will never be my focus on here or on other social networking platforms. However, in the interest of full disclosure, if I post links, they may be affiliate/referral links (like the two above). That means if a purchase happens to be made through my link(s), then I would get a small cut.